Drug Discovery

Support in the drug discovery pipeline – conception to market

Systems Biology and Bioinformatics tools at MetFlux provide meaningful insights from lead identification and optimization to pre-clinical & clinical trials.

Population wise and individualized analysis

Personalized reports to population studies

MetFlux platform can be used for data analysis not only from individuals but also from a population and clinical studies

PK/PD modelling

Analysis of PK-PD data from pre-clinical and clinical studies

MetFlux can conduct studies to characterize and analyze PK/PD data for disease specific and off target effects

Effect of Diet and Lifestyle

Diet and Lifestyle effects on physiology

We specialize in quantifying macro and micro nutrients along with exercise effects on physiology through hormonal regulation on individuals and in a population. This helps quantify effect of lifestyle on efficacy of an active ingredient on physiology.

Omics data analysis

Rationalizing Genome-proteome-metabolic-intractome data

MetFlux capabilities can be used in large omics data rationalization using pathway and systems biology theoretical analysis, which is particularly useful for commercial and academic research organizations and hospitals.


Predicting off target effects on protein and physiology

MetFlux predicts off-target effect for an active ingredient or chemical using bioinformatic tools. Further using pathway and system biology models we can assist in predicting physiological short term and long term effects.

Clinical Research Studies

Statistical and modelling approach to analyse clinical data

MetFlux supports to analyse and rationalize clinical research data to characterize variability in a clinical data for an active ingredient and in conducting individualized and population level analysis of cohorts in a clinical research study.

Bioinformatics Analysis

Tools for pathway/network analysis, structural bioinformatics and genome wide analysis

MetFlux In house tools can be used for network analysis, genomic platform, flux balance analysis, sequence analysis, structural assessment and anti-target analysis. Tools also include Bio-chemoinformatics, DeNovo design of drugs and poly-pharmocological studies

Customized Models

Client specific model development

MetFlux has in its repertoire several proprietary system biology models including signalling, immune and metabolic networks. Based on this expertise, MetFlux can develop customized models for specific phenotypic response to our clients.

Pathway Analysis

Development and analysis of networks for a specific phenotypic response

MetFlux can develop systems level networks and databases for our clients. Network analysis capabilities such as Boolean and graph theoretic analysis can be delivered.

How Metflux can help you?

1. Do you want to analyse your research data to generate meaningful insights?

2. Struggling with why your healthcare product works on only a small percentage of cohorts?

3. Wish to improve the effectiveness of your clinical research?

4. Do you need some help in strategizing the drug discovery platform?

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