Corporate Wellness

For all age range including child and adult.

MetfFlux provides individualized health report presenting the current, predicting future and proposing a better future in terms of lifestyle indicators, health risks and scores for individuals.  This is beneficial as you conduct health checks up for corporates, schools, colleges and other institutions.

PET Health

Taking better care of our PETs

Our models help assess the current health map of various pets and follows the same PPP approach to make lifestyle suggestions for improved pet health.

PPP Capability

Present, Predict and Propose

Metflux models have a three fold approach, they Present a current health map of the said individual, Predict a future health map based on current lifestyle and Propose a diet lifestyle based solution to arrive at a new target health map.

Wellness Indicators

Converting a diagnostic data into Health Metrics

MetFlux models present the current health map of biological systems in terms of primary metrics such as BMI, z-score, complete calorie balance, nutrient break up and advanced overall scores and risks to present health of body organs.

Health by Diet & Lifestyle

Catching up with Evolution

MetFlux models can predict the effect of diet and lifestyle on physiology. This is important as our modern day lifestyle is significantly different than the evolutionary active one and this had led to a large number of lifestyle diseases that plague the current population.


Model for YOU

MetFlux specializes in customizing the models to capture an individuals response rate and thus provide person specific solution.This comes handy for medical professionals to provide person specific rather than generalized medicine

Personal Medicine

Holistic Solution for YOU

With specialized and yet simple diagnostic data on individuals, an individualized MetFlux model helps in developing a personal medicine approach for medical professionals as they treat their patients.

Disease Management

Manage lifestyle diseases for better health

MetFlux has developed specific models to assist medical professionals in treating lifestyle ailments in patients holistically. It presents the interaction effects between diet, activity and drugs for sustainable solution.

How MetFlux can help you?

1. Are you keen on converting your corporate health data into an actionable report?

2. Are you keen to learn about impact on diet and lifestyle on your organization/clients health?

3. Are you interested in rationalizing your health app recommendations through physiological health models?

4. Are you interested in treating your patients for lifestyle ailments with holistic lifestyle approach?

5. Do you want to monitor your pets’ health scientifically?

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